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Photography Women Leaders Conference
2018 Women Leaders Conference
2018 Women Leaders Conference held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Nottingham (left to right) Sue Smith, Sarah Walker-Smith, Lisa Wainwright, Debra Charles, Louise Third, Major Clare Hamilton and Carolyn Radford.

Having worked with the Institute of Directors a number of times through 2018, it was a great honour to be asked to be an Event Partner for 2019.

Throughout last year it was a privilege to provide the photographs for some of their biggest events of the year including the Women Leaders Conference, Director of the Year Awards and the Student Challenge.

When Cari Grice, Regional Events Manager, contacted me to see if I was available for further event photography I leapt at the opportunity.

Enhancing your event or conference and turning it into a powerful marketing tool you can use over and over again. Professional photographs of your event will mean a continuing return on your initial investment of time and money.

As part of your event photography, conference photography, and convention photography I capture the groups you most want. Your images are then available to you to use across all media and across all territories with no limit on time.

Together with Janet Wootton, the IoD Press Officer, we explored the style and type of images that were needed.

There was a desire from Cari and Janet for not only images of listening delegates and speakers at the podium, but some group shots too.  It was clear that they wanted something more than simple lines of people.  In print lines of people are often skipped over by readers…something with a little more impact was required!  Time to do my homework and plan out something special.

Women as Leaders Convention was the first event  

Arriving three hours before the event kicked off gave me lots of time to see how my planning would be transformed into reality.  There is always an unexpected twist during the actual event.  Being very prepared means that I remain calm and keep my clients calm too.

The VIPs were full of fun and up for something a little different from their photos. All involved were stars and very easy to work with.  So thank you to Louise Third MBE, Lisa Wainwright, Carolyn Radford, Sue Smith MBE, Sarah Walker-Smith and Debra Charles.

Event Photography Elizabeth McKenna
Event Photography Elizabeth McKenna

The event itself was inspirational – I came away with my head buzzing about leadership and the challenges that face all leaders, both women and men.

“…we wondered whether there would be sufficient creativity to ensure better images than we’d received from other photographers. We’d become used to standard poses with a group of people in line with hands in front. We were very impressed by Peter’s creative approach where he came up with a variety of posed situations that have resulted in great poses and excellent, images with real impact. The subjects were relaxed due to Peter’s guidance and professional approach.

We received an excellent set of images that are perfect for our printed magazine, website and social media. They are so good that we provided copies for those people who were photographed and the feedback has been excellent. We had arranged a very professional event with excellent speakers and Peter helped ensure that we had a professional photographic record.

Peter is a real professional who took the time to understand our needs, exercised real creativity and left us with a set of excellent images that we are proud to include in our promotional materials. I would highly recommend Peter to business colleagues, family and friends.”

Ron Lynch, Regional Director, Institute Of Directors East Midlands

Well done to Cari and her team for such an excellent event!

If you are holding an event and wish to get the most out of it with professional photography turning it into a marketing tool then please get in touch.

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