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Capturing photographs of each event sponsor is a key element of conference photography.

All images ©Peter Nutkins Photography. Images captured at the Institute of Directors Connected Business Conference, Leonardo Royal London Hotel.

Basic Event Sponsor Images

The most basic imagery of event sponsors is a shot of their stand. The one below is a simple documentary style shot.

basic sponsor image
Basic Sponsor Image – Jigsaw 24
jigsaw 24 stand
More interest with multiple stories

In the image above combining different mini-stories adds more interest. The two chaps on the right balance the image even though they are not involved with sponsor Jigsaw24. Notice the event sponsor name and ‘Apple team’, their USP, is nice and clear.


The next most basic kind of event sponsor photo is placement. This means getting the sponsor logos and names in as many images as possible. And even better if you can get the tagline in too!

Below are a series of images that do just that.

Delegate Interaction

Usually this entails having delegates interacting with a stand or display. Highlighting how engaged delegates provides good PR imagery for the sponsor to use on social media.

product delegate interaction
Interaction with the product

The image above shows a delegate interacting with one of the Jeep vehicles on display at the back of the Connected Business Conference, London. Despite my requests no delegate agreed to sprawl over the bonnet of the Jeep!

delegates interacting
Delegates interacting at the KYND stand

The image above is a more unusual image showing interaction with the KYND team at the Institute of Directors Open House Connected Business Conference, Leonardo Hotel, London. The stand was the cyber risk management company KYND.

This image worked well as the delegates are thoroughly engrossed in the screen. The light from the laptop illuminated their faces signifying mental illumination. Bit deep hey!

Of course getting something different is always my aim. Below is a photo of a delegate capturing a photo of a sponsor. This is a different level of interaction – interest shown in the presentation materials. FCA Fleet services know that their large printed ad made an impact on a number of delegates.

FCA Fleet event sponsor
Photo of a photo interaction!

Special Images

Getting sponsors to pose is one of my favourite activities at an event. The Jigsaw24 Team are always up for some posing…here they sat on the main stage (before the event).

The Jigsaw 24 Team – and a wonky table

Finally, my favourite sponsor image from the Connected Business event!

Hand held, sat on the floor in the main conference room, headlights on. The coloured lights of the hall reflected off the black paint to give a lovely purple.

The reason it looks like it was captured in a dark room – I exposed for the headlights!

Not perfect, but fun!

event sponsor fca
FCA Stand – image of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Event Photography

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