A Portrait Session: The Perfect Present Most People Never Think Of

portrait session
portrait session

Looking for a gift for your partner, parent, child or friend? Consider a portrait session – might be the most perfect present you could give. 

What is the Point of Gift Giving?

We are coming up to that time of year when gift giving is traditionally done. Tens of millions of gifts are bought each year in the UK alone.

At a most basic level, people give gifts because they’re supposed to.

On certain occasions — birthdays, anniversaries, dinner parties, the end of the year — giving a gift is a custom. We do it because we have always done it. Plus, when other people buy us gifts we get them one right back again!

“Giving a gift is giving someone something that they will really value.”

Surely there is a deeper reason for giving than tradition?

Presents should be about showing appreciation. Giving a gift is giving someone something that they will really value.

What is really valued?

It is coming up to our son’s birthday, and we have started the usual desperate search for something that he really would like. 

Previously we have given him a programmable robot (never really used it), lots of lego (now mostly bartered with his siblings), and even automatic chess game (a pawn is missing so it now is useless – he tells us).

We thought we knew what he would value. But as parents we have often missed the mark.

When they were smaller all our kids enjoyed the boxes gifts came in as much as the gifts themselves. This is more than upsetting for parents who have saved, searched and spent to get that exact toy. You can buy a box for a few pence.

This became particularly apparent the year we got some really big boxes. So big that they could hide in.

Eventually holes were cut in the box bases and the boxes became cardboard armour. Imagine children knocking each other over in the garden dressed in their box suits. It proved to be great fun.

So, what do other people really value?

Value = More Stuff (Or Not?)

If, like me, you’re not a fan of contributing to the amount of ‘stuff’ in the world, you want your presents to be meaningful gifts that last. A gift that someone can treasure for years, really enjoy, and even hand on to future generations.

So, what do your loved ones really value?

I have found that people really value their memories of those that they love. Family, friends and pets too!

A portrait session experience can be the most perfect solution!

My clients often book a portrait session specifically with a gift in mind.

Looking through my shoots this past year I have listed below a few of the portrait presents that have been lovingly given by those I have worked with.

Perfect present for a parent

home session

It is not always easy to get a great photo of our kids. We catch a snap or two on our phone, but for a really great image having a portrait photographer come to your home is the ideal solution. Receiving the gift of a family portrait session in your surroundings takes the pressure off and means you can really enjoy yourself.

Gift for any grandparent

Nearly every family portrait session I hold results in a specific image for the grandparents. Whole family portraits, or ‘just the grandchildren’ – imagine the joy and pleasure a beautiful image can give for years to come!

Families today are often geographically spread out. Arranging to meet up at a central location for a surprise gift for grandparents is so special.

home portrait session

Great gift for grandchildren

When I was first asked to photograph an elderly gentleman with his grandsons I did not realise just how important that photo would be. 

The gentleman had suffered a series of medical difficulties, consequently, priorities for him and his wife changed. They now wanted a photo for their grandchildren so that in years to come the boys could remember being with their grandpa. 

To make the session easier for him we erected a mobile studio just next to his house. The whole family arrived and the session ended up being very emotional, yet at the same time so uplifting.

Portrait Session Pick Me Up

‘Life happens’ as the saying goes. When the confidence of our loved ones gets a knock being made to feel super special is just the tonic. Make-over, dress-up and portrait session are a winning combination when someone is feeling down or lacking in confidence.

Celebrate A Milestone

Don’t let a significant birthday go past without celebrating yourself. Look great and feel great in your own personal portrait session.

Your family Portrait Session is an investment in your memories

portrait of two young children

When your children have grown up your portrait will bring back all the memories and emotions of when they were young.

In your session, you may want to feature a specific part of family life. A special dress your daughter loves so much, the teddy that goes everywhere with your son, their favourite book or toy. Your portrait is not just a picture – it is specifically designed to capture memories.

With each generation your portrait will grow in value. Imagine your grandchildren giggling or staring in awe as they look at their mummy or daddy when they were young. What stories will be told?

Now imagine further still, when their children have the same experience a generation later! What an amazing way to enthrall future generations of your family!

You can find out more about portrait photography in your home by following this link – CLICK.

Treat those that you love to the perfect gift – a portrait session.

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