How To Remember Your Wedding

Wedding Album
Wedding Album
Bespoke Italian Wedding Album offered by Peter Nutkins Photography

In my experience most wedding couples only think about what photographs they want. Not many think about how they would like to remember their wedding day. 

But wait a minute, people redecorate, spring clean, move out and have fresh starts but printed photographs always stick around for the long haul. How often I hear of people finding a shoebox of photos in the loft left by parents that leads to tears with the flood of memories and emotions.

The current trend is for digital files

You may have digital frames at home, a TV that displays images and you want to share on FaceBook and Instagram right?

Digital is pretty convenient.   You have all of your photos in one place and you can choose whether you want to upload them to Facebook or print them at Boots the Chemist. But what do you do with them if you want to look at them with family? Putting them on your phone or tablet means being hunched over a tiny screen. 

Speaking of screens, a little-known fact is that all phones and computers display colours differently from one another. Mobile screens vary device by device, plus there is the colour space/gamut problem. You can read about it here– but the short answer is the tension between bright vivid colour and real colours (like when you are looking at your wedding photos).  

A professional photographer will edit your photos with the real colours properly displayed. When you see them digitally they could look quite different. 

A professional print lab will print your photos with the same colours that the photographer used. In contrast, supermarket printers use an automatic ‘most likely’ set of colours. Great for holiday snaps but not for your treasured wedding memories.

So is printed really that different?

We may think that a digital image and a physical print are the same – but our brains do not agree!

Research by the Office of Inspector General, US Postal Service,found that printed material affects the brain differently than digital. 

Using eye tracking, biometrics and MRI scientists studied how people responded to print and digital. The findings were that digital grabs attention better for 10-20 seconds. Printed had a longer lasting impact. Emotional response and concrete memory were enhanced with a greater subconscious value and desire than the digital version.

So, emotion, memory, value and desire are better achieved through physical prints than digital ones.

Printed photographs are accurate in their display of colour and tone.

But an album is old fashioned (my parents had one)!

The world of print has moved on. The range of albums and designs out there is truly amazing. You can get a timeless and classic leather bound album with beautifully printed (with great colours) pages that will look good and be hard wearing for 40+ years.  

Plus, being physical, emotion connection, long lasting memory, perceived value and desire are all at maximum. Couple this with a premium quality album and you have it all.

Of course, a cheap and badly printed album has the opposite effect. Your emotions, value and desire will be the wrong sort entirely!

But digital lasts forever, right?

Do you remember 5 1/4 inch floppy disks? Maybe the 3 1/2 inch hard disks? MiniDiscs? We bought a load of those! What would you do if your wedding photos were stored on that media? 

Imagine your grandchildren coming across a 3 1/2 inch disk in your loft many years from now. The disk sticker is faded and there is no way to know what it is, or what it contains. Does it go in the bin? Today’s technology is literally that – for today. 

Now imagine your grandchildren coming across a bespoke wedding album. As they touch the Italian leather and gold inlay of your names they know exactly what they hold in their hands.

The touch and smell add to the excitement as they open that first page and see you…how you really looked. I am sure you can enter into the wonder and joy as they experience all of the senses bound up in your Luxury Bespoke Wedding Album…

As a professional photographer I believe in and value the photographs I create as they unlock memories, emotions and feelings for you. It is more than grabbing your attention for a few seconds…your memories are for a lifetime.


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