How To Get That School Photo You Actually Like

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School Photo At Home

Back To School. It is that time of the year again. Hordes of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed children head back to their classrooms. You’ve purchased the fresh uniform, the bumper stationery pack, and a new lunch box. Firstly, you get through the first day nerves. After that it is the annual school photo that fills you with dread.

Once again the yearly lottery where you can expect photos with false smiles, wayward ties and school lunch wiped down the sweater.

Okay, maybe it is not always that bad, although if you scan through Netmums or Facebook you are left with the idea that there are no good school photos out there.

School Photographers Have An Impossible Job

I used to be a headteacher, so I know how it works from both ends. The school puts a good deal of pressure on the photographer to get the job done with the minimum of disruption. Teachers want good learning and behaviour routines instilled in their pupils as quickly as they can. There is not a moment to waste in getting down to work.

The difficulty for the photographer is spending enough time with your son or daughter to get the best out of them. Essentially a good portrait is a reflection of the relationship between the subject and the viewer (initially this is the photographer through the lens).

A Great School Photo – The Solution

If you are tired of the offering from the school photographer get your school photo taken in your own home.

I am Peter Nutkins, a professional portrait photographer who travels to my clients for their photos instead of them coming to me.

I capture studio-style portraits of you in your own home (or at your favourite location). You stay at home and I bring the studio backgrounds, props and lights to create your own mini-studio just for the day. The majority of my clients are hard-working, busy people who value very special memories of their loved ones but do not have the time to go to a studio. Consequently, this is the perfect solution to suit people with busy lifestyles.

Becuase my studio comes to you I can be your ‘photographer near me’ wherever you are in the UK. Portraits in London and the South East, to Scotland and Northern Ireland. Family sessions in Newcastle or Newport, Manchester or Muchelney.

Some Of The Benefits Of A School Photo At Home

Here are the benefits of having your child’s school photo taken in your home are listed below:

  • You are in control – you know that feels good
  • You make sure that the school uniform is clean and tidy and up to your standard
  • Ensure your son or daughter will be relaxed and comfortable by keeping them in their own surroundings
  • Family groups are so easy; groups can include pre-schoolers, college and university students too
  • Your photographer can spend time getting the best out of each of your children – no more false smiles
  • In addition, you can mix it all up with some non-school photos such as clubs, pets and family portraits

Take Advantage And Think Ahead

Of course, if you have a photographer in your home you can get those other projects out of the way at the same time. Think about:

  • Family Portrait – Get yourself a lasting memory of your loved ones as they are now. Did you know that there are more photos taken every day than were taken in a year when you were a child? Nearly every photo taken today gets deleted or forgotten.
  • Festive cards – have personalised cards to post this year, great for relatives who do not see you often and it can be a fun card to get a smile as well
  • Passport photos – have a refresh in good time before you start thinking holiday next spring

In conclusion, find out more about school photos in your home by clicking here.

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