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Conference And Event

Photography for Events in Oxford

Photography for Events in Oxford.

As an event photographer, I like to capture something of the context of the venue. This is ideal for my clients who will remind delegates of the superb facilities they had at the last event when advertising for the next one. In addition, the venue loves this kind of image as it means that they do not have to pay a photographer like me to take it. My clients love that the venue loves the photos as the venue uses them in their advertising to attract more vent clients and so my client gets advertising for free by the venue!

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My main priority is to capture the keynote speaks, podium images, group photos, happy attendees, networking and so on. ..But these context images can make a world of difference.

During the conference, delegates were given a task to find and record information in the Pitt Rivers Museum. The museum itself was very very dark. Almost pitch black with just the lights from the various cabinets and displays. This was how museums were done in Victorian times.

The venue staff were not keen on me using flash (which I do not really do anyway at events like this) or a tripod so it would all be very low light and handheld. The event organisers were convinced that I would not get anything at all at this point in the conference.

Using the top of the range professional equipment ensures that I have the right tools for the job, every time. My Nikon D5, called the batman of cameras, can take a picture in very low light and make it look great. So no problems really.

This image was taken, handheld, in a dark museum. Our eyes grow accustomed very quickly, but people were getting nothing on their iPhones as they took selfies.

The conference was the first day of the at the annual conference of the National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD).

The society provides a real forum for teachers and those interested in education to influence policy at the highest levels. The first day of the conference was held in the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford...To enhance your next event or conference get in contact today to create lasting visuals to add to your marketing.
Peter Nutkins has a remarkable skill in engaging creatively and sensitively with any situation, dark rooms, busy, shy or distracted people. He would be my photographer of choice for business, conference or more family-centred events and celebrations.
Lesley Butterworth, General Secretary, National Society for Education in Art and Design

Location: Pitt Rivers Museum Oxford .