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Before your portrait photoshoot, we will meet to discuss the style and look of portraits that you are really interested in.

Of course, you may wish to have lots of different kinds of portraits with lots of different styles. You can use my website as a reference alongside Pinterest or magazines or a general Google search.

We will not be able to get every image exactly the same, but it does give us some ideas to look at. We can see what you like from the images you have chosen. Maybe it is the lighting, or perhaps the posing of the person in the portrait. It could even be the colours and tones that you really like and resonate with who you are.

Once I know the style you like we can start working on a plan to achieve just that. Every photo shoot really is bespoke to the client I am working with.

You can really see the confidence and eye contact that had grown in leaps and bounds from the start of our time together. She had moved past seeing that she was beautiful and now she actually felt beautiful. This makes a real difference to how you look and act.

What is beauty, anyway?

Is it really 'skin deep'? Is beauty just the way you look, on the outside?

I am here to show you that you too are beautiful. There is no secret, and no-one is 'photogenic' without some skilled lighting, make-up and posing. All of these are standard tricks of the trade used to turn ordinary people into those miraculous creatures you see in magazines. What I do, in addition to this, is make you feel so beautiful that it glows through your eyes. Confidence in who you are, and who you want to be.

It did not take long before she was consistently making wonderful poses just like this one. To add a little more drama we had a little breeze blowing through her hair. This really livens the portrait up and gives a dynamic feel to the final image.

In your portrait photoshoot I will teach you some simple steps to get a great look. It is more about the idea or principle of how to stand or move rather than any particular positions. Working like this means that in the future you will get great results from any photograph taken of you by following these simple guidelines.

Like all of the portraits on this website, this photograph was taken in a real home. In this instance, the apartment was not that big which meant being creative. The young lady was positioned in the living area, her boyfriend (helpfully blowing her hair) in the kitchen area and I was in the hallway. If I had not told you I would hope that you would never know!

When she saw the final images her response was ‘Thank you...they are amazing!’

No matter where you live I will be able to get some great portraits of you and your loved ones.

Location: Hull.

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