Castleton Sunrise Under Cloud
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Castleton Sunrise Under Cloud

The photograph above does not look that big. In fact it looks like a miniature of the Hope Valley with Castleton under early morning cloud.

This photograph is HUGE!

The image of the photographer on the left is actually an image all by itself....the detail is astonishing.

So how did it come about?

Well, once more I was on Mam Tor at stupid-O'Clock in the morning trying to capture a cloud inversion. This is when cloud cover sits in the cold air at the base of high hills and mountains, and slightly warmer air rests on top. The scene before me unfolded and my lenses were just not that wide!

To get everything beofre me into one photograph I captured three rows of photographs. yes, to create the final panoramic view of Hope Valley I combined 27 photographs into one...yes 27photographs into just one big one! Once printed full size this photograph is very very very big.

I hope it gives you the viewer the feeling of unlimited expanse - which was exactly what I felt at the time.

Please note that Peter adds new photographs to his online collection at regular intervals. In a bid to make sure that he remains in the real world he limits his time online!

Location: Castleton, Derbyshire.

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