Reflection At Rutland Water
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Reflection At Rutland Water

The soft warm rays of early morning light capture the beauty of the sunken church and its reflection, in Rutland Water, Normanton.

Landscape Photograph: Reflection Rutland Water

The water of the reservoir was motionless, like a mirror on this beautiful morning. To enable me to capture the cloud trails in the sky I stood on the little jetty just a short walk along the shoreline from the church.

It would be easy to mistake the top of this church for some temple in a faraway land. But it is all that remains of the church of Normanton. When the reservoir was constructed the church appeared to sink. The lower chamber was filled with cement and now the upper part is used for weddings and other gatherings.

I often think about the scenery of this area of Rutland before the reservoir arrived. I suppose that it is my own personal reflection on Rutland Water!

People used to live and love, be born and pass away, have their dreams and plans under what is now a great body of water. On a peaceful morning such as this, my imagination runs wild with what would have been. What would those same people say today as the landscape has changed so much? I understand that we need places just like this to service the growing population. Nevertheless, remembering the cost involved does not go amiss.

The location for this photograph is given at the bottom of the page. If you click on the link it will take you to a Google map of the area.

Please note that Peter adds new photographs to his online collection at regular intervals. In a bid to make sure that he remains in the real world he limits his time online!

Location: Normanton, Rutland.

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