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Bluebell dream

This is an interpretation of a bluebell wood.

The actual wood is a designated bluebell wood by the National Trust. Having arrived at the wood for sunrise I was surprised to find half a dozen photographers up and about taking their images.

I loved the warm yellow sunlight as it shimmered through the edges of the wood.

There were a few long trails through the trees, and this one had a gate at the end. The gateway opened onto rolling green fields and a woodland further on.

Noticing the colours of the blue flowers, the yellow sunlight and the bright green leaves I tried to capture something of the feeling of the beauty in front of me.

This image is actually two overlaid. One with motion and the other static. I then blended the two and put all of the leaves back in from the static image in their correct positions. It took some time.

The final image is very pleasing to the eye and won a 'highly commended' at the International Photographer of the Year 2017.

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