Buttermere Lake in Cumbria
Lake District Photography

Buttermere Lake in Cumbria

This is an early morning photograph of Buttermere Lake in Cumbria.

The story behind the image

This part of the Lake District used to be Cumberland but is now within the county of Cumbria.

I approached Buttermere (the little village is named after the lake) having travelled along the Honister Pass very early in the morning.

My wife and I were enjoying a few days away in Keswick celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and I slipped out before sunrise to capture something before the day really started. My wife is very kind and is used to my early morning escapades.

I was alone at the edge of the water and the only sound was a distant aircraft trailing through the sky. The lake was so calm and there was hardly a breath of wind.

As the sun broke through the heavy cloud to my left the most beautiful rays of sunlight stretched out across the lake before me.

I love occasions like this when I am the only person to see such beauty. It makes me wonder just how much more there must be that nobody ever sees!

I hope you like the image.

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Please note that Peter adds new photographs to his online collection at regular intervals. In a bid to make sure that he remains in the real world he limits his time online!

Location: Buttermere Lake, Lake District, Cumbria.

0.8; f/16.0; ISO 100; 31.0 mm.