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Autumn Road From Ashover

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year.

The temperature takes a turn and the world seems to take on a new blaze of glory after long lazy summer days.

The lush virescence of May that wilted to aestival faded foliage in August has dried into yellows and reds and browns. Lining the road to Ashover this canopy of colour caught my eye.

Autumn Memories

As I look along the road I am transported to a time in my childhood when my father took us to trudge among the autumn trees by a road like this. We hunted for fallen conkers to string onto bootlaces. Excitedly calling out when we discovered a treasure still in its spikey case. Opening the case revealed the seed of the horse chestnut - shiny and new. A conker that no one had ever seen, and could never go back to the way it was snugly wrapped in its little home.

Getting to our home my father would hand drill each conker for us to string. I still remember the pain of my sister 'missing' my conker and wacking my hand. I can hear the crack of seed against seed and the rich smell of broken conker. Photographs unlock our deepest memories and emotions.

The woodland we enjoyed is no longer there. My father, however, lives close by that same spot. His memory is now confused and he struggles to grasp what is going on. I wonder if at times he remembers the autumn trees and conkers.

What autumn memories do you have?

Please note that Peter adds new photographs to his online collection at regular intervals. In a bid to make sure that he remains in the real world he limits his time online!

Location: Ashover, Derbyshire.

Keywords: ashover, autumn, England (12), fall, road, woolley moor.

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