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Beacon Hill Leicestershire

This is a photograph of the intriguing woodland that surrounds Beacon Hill, just outside Woodhouse Eaves in Leicestershire.

Landscape Photo: Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is a popular country park and from the beacon (on top of the hill) you can see amazing panoramic views of Leicestershire on a good clear day. At the base of the hill is an ancient wood. The hill itself is also the site of a bronze age settlement and there still remains the clear signs of human activity in days gone past.

Most people arrive at the car park (just beyond the woodland you can see here) and carry on straight up the path to the top of Beacon Hill.

On this particular morning, I made it to the top of Beacon Hill for sunrise. As is often the case for landscape photographs it was one to put down to experience. It was not particularly spectacular and hardly worth even getting the camera out for.

Making my way back down I decided to explore the surrounding tree-line. Eventually, I came across a small clearing in the wood and these strangely shaped trees.

My imagination went into overdrive as to me, the shapes of the trees and the branches littering the floor reminded me of the aftermath of some great battle that had taken place between knightly trees.

The scene was enhanced by the early morning mist that still hung in the air diffusing the light as it struggled into this dark part of the forest.

I hope you like the image and it stirs your imagination too!

Location: Beacon Hill, Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire.

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