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Bluebell Wood

Landscape Photographer Peter Nutkins travels the UK capturing the beauty of our treasured Isles. Located just off the Peak District National Park, Peter has access to every corner of the UK in just a few hours.

Peter was in education for over 20 years and now offers individual and small group workshops for those wishing to improve their photoraphy and post-processing skills. You can see more of my landscape images by following this link to the gallery.

Bluebell Dream

Honourable Mention at the International Photography Awards.

In this image, I tried to capture the dreamlike nature of the bluebell woods. This image was captured early in the morning as the early rays of the sun opened up the forest before me.

This is one of a number of images taken in forests across the United Kingdom. Forests do hold a particular attraction for me - you can find more of my work by clicking landscapes.

The image is created from two images - one static and one in motion. The leaves from the static image have been overlayed onto the image to provide a contrast to the vertical lines of the trunks and shafts of light.

The International Photography Awards

The International Photography Awards holds an annual juried photography competition, to which professional, amateur, and student photographers are invited to submit their work. The jury panel includes over 80 photo editors, art directors, curators, buyers, and other professionals from around the globe. Each year, a selection of the winning photographers are recognised at the Lucie Awards.

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