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Hardwick Hall is an Elizabethan country house in Derbyshire, England. Currently, the Hall is part of the National Trust organisation.

History Of Hardwick Hall

The site of the Hall, which lies between Chesterfield and Mansfield, also contains the remains of Hardwick Old Hall (owned by English Heritage) which was built in 1587. It was only a few years ago that English Heritage commissioned me to provide photos of the Old Hall for their social media and leaflets.

The new Hardwick Hall was started in 1590. Yes, only three years after the Old Hall! With the death of her husband she gained an inheritance and extended her ambitions. Bess of Hardwick was slightly rabid in her building projects. At the time the new building was described as "More glass than wall". Glass was very expensive in the sixteenth century.

As the second richest woman in England Bess did not hold back. Legacy and oppulance meant everything. In a most extravagant home Bess ensured that her initials were everywhere. The ES initials of 'Elizabeth Shrewsbury’ are to be seen carved in stone on the top of the Hall as well as all through the interior.

A visit to the Hall is a great day out. With extensive grounds and the Old Hall on site, there is so much to see.

The photograph is a long exposure capture of the new Hall. The effect blurs the people(although they can still be seen) as well as the clouds. Time passes by but the legacy of Bess remains!

Please note that Peter adds new photographs to his online collection at regular intervals. In a bid to make sure that he remains in the real world he limits his time online!

Location: Hardwick Hall, Doe Lea, Chesterfield S44 5QJ.

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