Serpentine Bridge

Serpentine Bridge

The story behind the image

Serpentine Bridge is a beautiful structure that spans the Serpentine - a body of water that is famous for the Xmas Day 'Peter Pan Swimming Race' and wild birds.

In 1913 JM Barrie instigated the very first Peter Pan race - swimming in the icy waters of the Serpentine, and a statue of Peter Pan can be found nearby. The Serpentine is an artificial lake that is now supplied by the Thames. Queen Caroline requested the lake back in 1730 and since then the area has been a destination for many a tourist and resident of London alike.

John Rennie build the bridge in the 1820s and it still looks superb today.

I was walking under the bridge early in the morning and the warm rays of 'golden hour' sun lit the underside of the arches. The photograph is simple - yet looking into the picture I can still feel the warmth of that early sun, and the strange quietness of the day despite being in London.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit The Serpentine then I can thoroughly recommend it!

I hope you like the image.

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Location: Serpentine Bridge, Serpentine, London.