At The Foot Of Mam Tor

At The Foot Of Mam Tor

As you know Mam Tor is a place of fascination for me, and I am not sure exactly why.

On this particular morning I had made my way from the High Peak area of the National Park in search of the The Real Fudge Companyshop in Castleton. Knowing that (I mean guessing...knowing would imply that I go there a lot :) it would not be open for an hour or so I decided to explore the feet of Mam Tor. The early morning autumnal sun was breaking through and patches of land were being lit up like a giant search light combing the area.

Making my way along Hollowford Road I met a large group of dog walkers enjoying the bracing fresh air. Avoiding cyclists, hikers and tractors I eventually reached the end of the road - literally. Parking Patty up I made my way along the bridleway until I reached these dramatic trees.

The twisted trunks stand in stark contrast to the Tor behind.

Both are objects of movement. The tree upwards searching for better light and shelter from the cold winds sweeping across Hope Valley. Mam on the other hand is moving down. Little by little, slide by slide, the Mother Hill is giving birth to more and more children at her feet.

This scene made me rethink how we are all on a journey of some sort. Either on the way up or on the way down.

Some of us are doing all we can to survive, some of us are giving of ourselves so that others may rise up. I wonder, what is the journey in your life?

Once I had enjoyed the sun on this lovely twisted tree I headed back to Castleton to pick up a stick of vanilla fudge.

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Location: Mam Tor, Derbyshire.