Peak District Photography | Images of Isolation 03
Peak District Photography

Peak District Photography | Images of Isolation 03

The Peak District is a beautiful part of he United Kingdom. In recent years it really has become increasingly popular as a great place for holidays.

Visits to the great Houses and Halls of the Peaks (Chatsworth, Haddon and Hardwick Hall to name a few) have become a 'must do' part of any break to see where the other half live and see for real the locations for many TV and film period dramas.

In contrast the Peaks themselves provide a great place to get physical in the outdoors. Walking, cycling and climbing are common place.

There is however a bleaker side to the Peak District

In winter the Peak National Park (along with all areas that are out of the way) can be an isolated and even dangerous place. Freezing winds, heavy snow and thick mist cover the wilder parts for much of the colder months.

This photograph is one in a series that depicts this bleaker and wilder side of the Peak District. The photograph was captured in freezing weather on a swampy moor. As the snow fell, and visibility was just a few hundred yards my feel (and the feet of my tripod) sunk into the thick mud.

It is easy to get disorientated on the moor in a thick mist.

GPS is all well and good, but your smart phone does not work well in snow and rain. Your fingers are just too cold out of gloves to work the menus.

Sound is deadened in snow. The crunch of your boots in the marshy grass is all you can hear, plus the biting wind of course.

If you venture into the wilder parts of the Peak National Park in winter be sure to be prepared.

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Location: Peak District National Park.