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Personal Branding Photography PLUS Strategy

Convey message in a way that attracts, engages and builds rapport. Develop an authentic voice to be credible, sought-after, and top-of-mind.

I provide both the Strategy and Personal Branding Photography that communicates your message in an authentic way through persuasive visual storytelling.

Personal branding photography is much more than just a headshot – it is the way to build a loyal audience interested in you and what you have to offer. The benefits of having an authentic personal brand include:

>> You establish credibility with your audience <<

>> Your network grows with real people interested in you <<

>> You attract new opportunities <<

>> Increase opportunities <<

I Can Help If You...

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Would like to communicate your values and vision in an authentic way
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Aim to Attract, Engage and Build Rapport with your target audience
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Want a consistent, high quality style across your social media, presentations, printed materials and website
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Understand that your image content creates an opinion about who you are in your audience’s minds
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Want to collaborate with a photographer who thinks like a marketer and delivers ready-to-post image content

Attract Engage and Build Rapport

I bring together all the benefits of having a personal brand consultant and employing a personal branding photographer into just one seamless experience.

My process is designed around creating a strategy to enable you to communicate your message in an authentic way, illustrated with magazine-quality personal branding photography to Attract, Engage, and Build Rapport with your audience.

"Working with me gives you the complete service of both developing a branding strategy plus having high quality photography."

Personal Branding Services

Build the foundation of your digital footprint with magazine-quality, personal brand photography that creates distinction from other experts in your space by simply being yourself.

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A powerful brand is a vehicle to shape awareness, influence decision-makers, and initiate action within your audience. When done correctly, it will take you from capable to credible, known to sought-after, and from unconnected to top-of-mind.

The strongest form of marketing you will ever exercise lies in the power of your own story. As a personal brand consultant and photographer, my mission is to support you in leveraging your unique personality and professional expertise to drive growth and raise awareness of your brand.

5 Steps To Success

5 Steps To Your Success

As a specialist personal branding photographer the service I offer goes beyond simply capturing the photographs:

#1 Baseline Call

We establish the basic facts, so that I can understand who you are and how you operate. This includes conversations about topics such as your back story, what you want, and audience basics.

#2 Reflection

Reflection exercises on your values and vision.

This is the part of your journey that I ask you to complete in your own time, although I am available to support you, clarify points or questions, and help you however I can.

#3 Strategy & Rapport Session

This is a face to face session where we bring everything together, ready to create your strategy for attracting, engaging, and building rapport. We will verbalise your story, create your storylines, decide on photos that will illustrate your stories and your visual style, plus create a shoot plan.

#4 Photoshoot

We follow your shoot plan, with some flexibility for the inevitable challenges we will face! As a guide your photoshoot lasts for 4 hours, and we will get all the images agreed in your plan. I often find that breaking the shoot up into smaller sessions keeps energy high and makes everything a little more relaxed.

#5 Review and Implementation

Your images are presented to you, and we create an implementation strategy to ensure that you leverage the power of the work that you have done. We create some content, go over strategies to help you create more, publish your media pack, and review your objectives.

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By the End of the Process You Take Away...

>> A clear and concise personal brand with all of your key associated messaging <<

>> Understanding of your target audience and how to build rapport with them <<

>> A simple system to produce reusable content at a pace that you are happy with <<

>> A library of magazine quality images that exactly fit to your content <<

>> A professional media pack (includes your headshot) <<

Kind Words For Peter Nutkins

"I love the photos! And your practical approach and effective thought process for personal branding too! I've learnt a lot and really appreciate your support. I'll be able to use the photographs time and time again. If you're looking for photographs and personal branding support, go talk to Peter Nutkins - he's ace!"
Lizzie Butler

Personal Branding Services

Build the foundation of your digital footprint with magazine-quality, personal brand photography that creates distinction from other experts in your space by simply being yourself.

Information And Prices

corporate event photographerHow I Help You

I struggled for many years to write consistent content for my website and social media that communicated my vision and values. I did not really consider my audience, and the images I used were not always related to what I was trying to say.

My light bulb moment came when I realised what I wanted to communicate, who I was communicating to, and how to produce content to facilitate that communication.

Today, I work with my clients to create for them a clear, concise, and authentic personal brand. We identify their target audience, and break down their message into stories that will attract and engage. Once we have those storylines, we capture the images that illustrate and reinforce their content.

My clients create reusable content based on their own experience, illustrated with bespoke magazine quality images. We put together a personalised strategy to create content at a pace that they are happy with.

Together we identify the key elements of your message - what makes you unique in your space. From start to finish the branding process involves thinking about who you are and what you want to communicate.

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But, What If...

I do not live near you

The service I provide is UK wide, so please get in contact wherever you are based. For travel outside of the UK I do charge for transport and accommodation by agreement.

I don't like having my photo taken

The vast majority of my clients do not like someone taking their photo. However, they realise that in today's business world we are all public-facing and it is necessary. So, you might as well work with someone you can trust to make you look great.

Your photoshoot is near the end of our branding process. We will have spent a good deal of time together before I even get my camera out of its bag, and so we will have built up a a good working relationship first. During our time together I will be able to reassure you and guide you on the most flattering way to be on camera. My job is to make you look great - your job is to be yourself. Of course, the guidance I give can be used whenever you are being photographed!

I need to lose weight before I would even think about this

I've been there too! In my experience putting off buying new clothes, going on holiday, or whatever else, just means my weight just makes me wait. I lose out.

Getting your brand right sooner means that all the benefits of having an engaged audience come to you quicker. Just think credible, sought-after, and top-of-mind!

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I do not have the time to write blogs and get involved in social media

I totally agree. The benefits are great but the pain of creating content puts you off. Not only does it take your valuable time, it adds another pressure on you to keep producing content. However, in the business world we live in, it has almost become a necessity.

Working together we create a strategy to make this as pain free as possible. You still need to do some work, but it is so much easier when it has been broken down for you, and the images have been created specifically for your strategy.

Simple Stack System

I can never think of what to post on social media

Nor could I until I created my own strategy! Read this to get some ideas!

We create a bespoke implementation strategy together so that your content creation is broken down for you, lines up with your normal work routine and is about what you do. PLUS you have magazine-quality images that illustrate what you want to say.

Escape from being a social media slave and rise to be a content king or content queen.

I just want a headshot

This is a great start! Head over to my page all about this (no pun intended). Headshots are included in your personal branding photography media pack. But your headshot is just the first step of your personal brand journey.

Isn't self branding just boasting?

Your story is unique and interesting to people looking for solutions that you can help with. Your experience and advice could be just the thing to really catapult someone out of trouble. Your sage words will be the inspiration for a member of your audience (you just don't know who).

It would be wrong for you not to help, support, share and encourage others.

Personal Branding Big Boaster

Click to find out how to avoid being a Big Boaster.

Personal Branding Services

Build the foundation of your digital footprint with magazine-quality, personal brand photography that creates distinction from other experts in your space by simply being yourself.

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