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Family Photographer Nottingham

I am Peter Nutkins, the specialist family portrait photographer who comes to your home to capture studio style portraits. No need to travel - it is so simple when I come to you.

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School photos in your home

School photos capture your child at school every year. However, I have a number of parents who are not as pleased with their school photo as they would like. They ask me to retake the school photo, and at the same time, we can have a family portrait photoshoot as well!

This young chap is a little scamp. He can hardly sit still and is bursting with life (and chatter) even after a full day at school.

To be fair to school photographers they have a tough job - hundreds of children in a very short space of time. I can take things a little more slowly and ensure that the character and charm of your children shine through.

You will notice that the knees on this lad are typical boy needs - full of cuts and bruises. This is exactly how his parents remember him - and the cheeky smile too!..Asking a child to smile almost always gives wither a completely fake smile, or they refuse and eventually, things end in tears.

I find it best to get to know your child by chatting with them about what they like, favourite foods and the such like. Once we have built up a rapport, it is time for me to get that portrait.

School Photographs Derby

So what happens to create a fine art portrait that looks like it has been taken in a studio?

Firstly, you can feel really good about the decision that you've made. We will meet up, probably where you would like your portrait session to take place. We will get to know each other and you will be able to share with me your ideas about the portraits that you are looking for. Ideally, I would meet with your children - just to break the ice.

On the day of your portrait session, I arrive in good time, have all the equipment I need and are ready to support you in getting ready and feeling relaxed. Throughout my time with you, we will go at your pace. There is no rush.

We are in your home. So changes of clothes, make up fixes, hairstyle changes, and finding props that are personal to you are all pretty straightforward.

Do not worry about whether your home is light enough or the walls are already full of artwork. I bring all the equipment we will need - even a few props!

School photos

At the end of your portrait session, we will set a date for me to come back for you to view and choose your portraits. Nothing beats seeing your printed, finished portraits in person and even putting them up in your home that very day.

I will prepare the best of your shoot, all fully edited, finished, printed and matted. There will be no ‘hard sell’ involved whatsoever. You just choose which pictures you love and want to keep in your beautifully crafted walnut folio box.

School Photographs

These portraits were taken against a hand painted muslin backdrop. It adds both texture and a subtle canvas to frame your portrait. The final prints of these portraits are made onto 100% cotton rag 300gsm paper. The lifespan of every fine art print is rated at 300 years - so they should last for many generations to come.

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Location: Nottingham.