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Personal Branding Photographer Nottingham

In the online world of today, your personal branding photograph (sometimes called a headshot) is how you create your best first impression with a potential client. Indeed, it is likely that this could be a customer’s deciding factor to do business with you. Your headshot is representative of your best "you" and will speak volumes about your professionalism and your business.

Personal Branding Photography Nottingham

A great personal branding image

A great Personal Branding Photograph will reinforce your credibility. A poor one can, and will, deter business.

Think about words that you probably would want people to associate with you. Words like
  • professional
  • confident
  • approachable
  • leader
  • powerful
  • entrepreneurial
  • businesslike
  • trustworthy
  • authentic

Now consider how much time, effort and money you have spent on that all-important branding.

Finally, have a check of your digital identity. It’s like your calling card - but much more powerful, as "a picture is worth a thousand words".

What does your image say about you? It may be for that crucial business plan, the upcoming shareholder report, or the company website; you may be preparing to take that important interview or updating your LinkedIn profile image. Does it shout loud and clear the words above?

Personal Branding Photography

If you are doing business in today’s tech-savvy, web-centric world, you need a professional headshot whatever your industry, almost without exception. You need a photograph that captures your best appearance, exemplifies your personality, and communicates that you are an expert in your field. You want to make a powerful first impression and stand out from your competitors.

Headshot Photography

When you know you need a new headshot photograph

You know that your image may be saying something other than you want if:
  • You have a disembodied hand on your shoulder
  • You are not in the picture at all - it is your kids/dog/favourite food instead
  • It was taken more than 2 years ago
  • You are so blurred that it could be just about anyone
  • You took a selfie and applied a 'cat nose and ears' filter

Get in contact today to discuss your personal branding.

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