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I am Peter Nutkins, a specialist family portrait photographer who travels to your home to capture studio style portraits. I bring everything I need to create portraits that would usually be captured in a professional studio.

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I help people just like you create precious memories. Wherever I go, be it portraits in London, personal branding in Bristol, or family photography in Derbyshire, I capture beautiful memories of my clients and their loved ones for them to treasure for many generations to come. Portraits of you and your loved ones that radiate just how beautiful you really are. Memories that you will revisit time and time again, but will outlive us both and become a treasured heirloom for generations to come.

Why you deserve portrait photography

Why are you worth this? This is a question many struggle with. Why are you worth spending money on, and who wants a timeless fine art portrait of you anyway?

Well, aside from the obvious answer - that you do, and you are worth it because you are you - the truth is this is not all about you.

This is about the people who love you. The people who will miss you when you are gone. The people who will love you when you are a grandmother or grandfather. Your grandchildren and their children. The person who sleeps or will sleep next to you each night. And you. You, who will look back at your photograph in thirty, forty, fifty years and think to yourself, 'Wow. I really was beautiful...and happy. Look at my eyes and that smile!'

Once you have experienced this, you will understand the value for you, because you will be and see yourself transformed: the very best version of yourself.

Relax, I've got you

Getting a professional portrait taken can be so difficult. There is the stress of getting out and ready and coping with the rest of the family as you bundle them into the car. Then there is the worry that the children will get bored, you will have to cope with a new situation and what if it all goes wrong?

On top of this there you can hear that voice in your head that never lets you forget you're too fat, too old, not this, not that. That you're not enough. That you're not worth it. Then there is the pressure of everything else in your life. It feels like there is no time. Getting the family ready and out on time and all looking their best feels one step too far.

With me, things are so different. Your portrait session is so simple...I come to you.

Free portrait consultation

When I first meet up with a new client it gives me the opportunity to find out all about them and exactly what they are looking for in their portraits. I also take note of the surroundings and quickly look at how creative we can be in the space that they have.

Most of my clients are looking for beautiful family portraits, individual portraits of each member of the family as well as a group photograph. Usually at least one member of the family is also requiring some business imagery (personal branding for example). Once the memories have been captured and the portraits printed as fine art pieces the family can choose which of the portraits they would like to keep in their walnut portfolio box. Often multiple copies of the main portrait are often given to grandparents or other relatives.

Once you have booked your portrait photoshoot you will be given an online portal. This is like a mini website all of its own where everything connected with your portraits is connected. You will find your galleries, invoices, contracts, design proofs and other documents easy to hand. You will also have all of the information about your portrait session.

Before your portrait photoshoot, we will get the opportunity to discuss the style of photograph that you are really looking for.

Portrait giclée prints

Looking through my website you will start to pick up my preferred style in terms of posing as well as the final look of the portraits I create. My style could be described as painterly. Your portraits will look something like a painting when you look at it on a screen - be it a computer, TV, tablet or mobile phone. Your final prints will be one step further - they are matt and have a very slight texture. They are thick, like a card, and some of my clients are convinced that they really are paintings!

Your fine art prints are not available from the high street. They are called Giclée prints.

The word Giclée is derived from the French verb gicler meaning "to squirt or spray". Giclée is used to describe a fine art digital printing process combining pigment based inks with high-quality paper.

Giclée prints are printed on a variety of substrates or mediums, the most common being cotton rag. This fibrous paper transforms a photograph into a painterly, soft image that adds a classy, decorative feel making it perfect for your Portrait.

Décollage edging gives the feel of a ripped edge. This is particularly effective in the Favola album which has a traditional vintage feel. Décollage is available at request, although it is not available on matted prints as the matt would cover the edging.

Digital negatives of your portrait

The online gallery is the place where you will also find all of your digital negatives in a gallery. These are digital copies of the portraits that you have purchased. For example, if you choose 15 portraits to keep in your walnut portfolio box then all 15 portraits will be available for you to download from your gallery. If you order wallor a Favola album then those portraits will also be available.

When you log into your gallery from your online portal you will be able to download your jpeg files at full resolution*. You can also share your gallery link with your family and friends. They will be able to share any of your portraits on Facebook or Instagram and download lower resolution files.

In this way, you can share your beautiful photographs and still retain the high-resolution copies for yourself.

Are you interested?

If you are thinking about having your portrait taken and are still not sure whether it is for you or not, then take a moment or two to read through the some of the pages on this site:

*For the ‘starter collection’ medium size resolution is available to download.

Location: Yorkshire.