Family Portrait Photographer that Comes to Your Home

I am an award winning family portrait photographer that comes to your home to create beautiful portraits of you and your loved ones.

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Families book me to create beautiful portraits in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. As a family portrait photographer that comes to your home, I offer either a studio, lifestyle, or location session.

The vast majority of families book me for a studio-style photoshoot. The studio backgrounds, props and lights are brought by me to your home to create a mobile studio. This is the perfect solution to suit a busy lifestyle.

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Being at home means your family portraits will be of the highest standard. My clients expect the highest quality service and boutique products. No two sessions are ever the same. We work around your schedule, at your speed to get the style and look that you would like.

How Does It All Work?

At Peter Nutkins Photography, our number one priority is that you feel completely relaxed and at ease throughout your portrait experience.

We start with a pre-shoot consultation, usually a week or so before, where we get to know you a little, and talk through what exactly you are looking for. By the time we come to take the photos, we feel like old friends.

We come to your home to capture your images as this is where you are most relaxed. It also means you have everything to hand, and don’t need to worry about remembering everything on the day.

We set aside one whole day per shoot. So if you want us there for 9am, stop for a coffee break, or lunch, then carry on into the afternoon with a different outfit, there’s no problem. Equally if you only have an hour we make that work too.

We return a week or so later, at your convenience, to show you the best images from your shoot. There is no hard sell. You just buy the images that take your breath away.

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"[He] took the time to help me find my confidence again in front of the camera. I have now received my final edits... and I'm simply blown away by them. I love them so much" Emily Turrini

“The photos are so beautiful. Thank you so much. They turned out better than I imagined and you captured exactly what I wanted.” Rebekah Walters

“A photographer who is not only seriously talented, but also a genuine, kind person” Gemma Hadley

"Really enjoyed myself today and I love that shot... really shows a fun side and shows the dress off to its best for sure." Zoe Margo

The Studio Experience from the comfort of your own home

There is no mad rush to get the children ready and out the door to get your portraits. You do not have to worry about parking, or looking stressed when you arrive. At home, you are in your comfort zone.

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Getting a professional portrait taken can seem so difficult - it can easily put you off. When I come to you, you are in your own home. You and the family can relax. There is no stress of getting out and ready and coping with the rest of the family as you bundle them into the car. Then there is no worry that the children will get bored, and you will have to cope with a new situation and no 'what if it all goes wrong?' stress.

Because we are in your space you feel so much more comfortable. I am a visitor, not you. This is especially effective when children are taking part in your photoshoot. They can come and go as needed and have easy access to their own toys, snacks, games and clothes. You can imagine that this reduces the stress on you considerably and that means that your portrait will be better too.

professional family portrait photographerYour child's favourite toy can be in shot too!

Yet another advantage of being in your home is those things that really mean something to you and your family are easily to hand. To give you an example, one of our boys loved a little toy rabbit. It went everywhere with him. If we forgot it and left it at home then he behaved in a very different way! Being at home means rabbit, or a favourite bedtime book, or blanket are within easy reach. Imagine being able to look back in years to come and remember all of the stories that surround your loved ones and their favourite things.

Lizzie Butler FamilyRelaxed fun at home

Being able to change clothes easily is also very handy when it comes to teenagers who want a different look. First, they can have their portrait taken in the clothes and style that you want. Then they can express their individuality in their own mini session too. Imagine them being able to have the portrait that they want and how good it will make them feel. And, you get the portrait you want too!

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Picture this...

It's 9am on Tuesday morning. Two year old Lucy has just spilled her orange juice down the front of her best dress, and four year old Harry is getting up close and personal with Misty the family dog, who has just come in after a good roll in the freshly cut grass.

Harry's favourite blue shirt (the only one he will wear at the minute) is covered in grass and dog hair...and you have to be at the portrait photographer's studio in less than an hour! You've been putting this portrait sitting off for months because Lucy can't sit still for more than 30 seconds, but the grandparents' golden wedding is coming up and you really wanted to give them a family portrait.

Photographer Portrait Children

Now imagine this...

It's 9am on Tuesday morning. Peter the Portrait Photographer is arriving at 10am. You had a lovely chat with him last week when he came to visit for your pre shoot consultation and the kids loved him. You have already discussed which family portraits would be special to capture - individuals and the whole family. He is going to stay for as much of the day as you need, so Harry's shirt can have a quick spin in the washer drier and there's plenty of time to change Lucy into her second best dress. Misty can play in the garden, but Peter loves dogs and will probably want to take her photo too!

So, instead of stressing and rushing and panicking about finding a parking space, you pop that shirt into the machine and put the kettle on...

"But I want my family portraits to look like they were taken in a professional photographer studio," I hear you cry. Never fear - we bring backdrops, lights, the whole shebang!

Lucy can wear six different dresses, Harry can sit on his rocking horse (that his grandparents gave him for his birthday), and you can be confident that Peter will capture you all at your very best. Your portraits will be amazing.

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"Wow!!! He is one of the most talented, professional and creative photographers that I have ever worked with. He is also extremely kind and was very easy to get along with!...Thank you so much again, for an outstanding shoot. Peter is highly recommended by me! :) x" Princess TW

"He is extremely professional, easy going and friendly. A very talented photographer who will provide you with some lovely images." Kate Reynolds

"I really love the pictures, thank you!" Bethany-May Smith

"I had a brilliant shoot with Peter in my home recently. He was very polite and easy to speak to... He made me feel very comfortable and confident while we where shooting... the results are amazing. I highly recommend Peter and look forward to working with him again" Abbie Winn

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