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The Studio Experience In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Having your portrait photographer come to your home really is the most stress free way to get that perfect family portrait.

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Picture this...

It's 9am on Tuesday morning. Two year old Lucy has just spilled her orange juice down the front of her best dress, and four year old Harry is getting up close and personal with Misty the family dog, who has just come in after a good roll in the freshly cut grass.

Harry's favourite blue shirt (the only one he will wear at the minute) is covered in grass and dog hair...and you have to be at the portrait photographer's studio in less than an hour! You've been putting this portrait sitting off for months because Lucy can't sit still for more than 30 seconds, but the grandparents' golden wedding is coming up and you really wanted to give them a family portrait.

Now imagine this...

It's 9am on Tuesday morning. Peter the Portrait Photographer is arriving at 10am. You had a lovely chat with him last week when he came to visit for your pre shoot consultation and the kids loved him. He is going to stay for as much of the day as you need, so Harry's shirt can have a quick spin in the washer drier and there's plenty of time to change Lucy into her second best dress. Misty can play in the garden, but Peter loves dogs and will probably want to take her photo too!

So, instead of stressing and rushing and panicking about finding a parking space, you pop that shirt into the machine and put the kettle on...

"But I want it to look like a studio shot," I hear you cry. Never fear - we bring backdrops, lights, the whole shebang!

Lucy can wear six different dresses, Harry can sit on his rocking horse (that his grandparents gave him for his birthday), and you can be confident that Peter will capture you all at your very best.

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Your Memories

Imagine hearing a song from your teenage years, and how it might bring you back to that time of your life. It would remind you of all the people that were in your life and the things you had going on.

An image has that same magic. It is a window into the past. An opportunity to re-live a moment and experience the feelings you had when the image was created.

Sure, you might want family photos or pictures of your kids. But pictures aren’t enough. You don’t want only to remember the facts; you want to recall the feelings you have during these defining moments. You want to remember the little glance, the quiet smirk, the messy hands. You want to see the invisible. You want to be able to re-experience the fleeting moments that will otherwise flicker away, almost unknowingly.

You have so much to celebrate, and you deserve to have your story told.

Let me tell you why I might be the right person to help you with that.

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Your Guide

I'm Peter Nutkins, a fine art wedding and portrait photographer. Today I live in rural Derbyshire but I was brought up, worked and am regularly in and about Somerset with my family. Now I travel to every part of the UK creating lasting memories for families and individuals just like you.

I’d love to be your guide in helping you tell your family or personal story. It would be my honour to be a part of creating your legacy.

If we have the opportunity to work together, here’s my promise to you:

  1. I am here for you. I’ll be your guide and help you tell your story; the moments that matter to you.
  2. I will always extract the positive in your story; the joy, happiness, and delight.
  3. You will always walk away from your photographic experience with a beautiful heirloom, whether it be a framed print to display on your wall, a walnut folio box or coffee table book that you can glance through every day.
  4. I will focus on the people, relationships and moments during your session.
  5. Your photography is all about you, not me.
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Your Experience

Your experience is unique to you and your loved ones, although you would expect:

  1. You complete the Contact Form on this website, email me, or call!
  2. I get in contact with you so that you can find out a little more and we can arrange a no-obligation consultation in your home.
  3. Your consultation allows you to touch and see the kinds of legacy you will be creating, ask any questions, and start planning the design of your photoshoot.
  4. You pay your deposit, sign your contract and have access to your online client portal.
  5. Your shoot takes place at your home or favourite location. You have fun and create beautiful memories. We also arrange your Reveal Session.
  6. Your Reveal Session where you get to see your portraits.
  7. You enjoy your memories for years to come.

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Your Legacy

Your memories are there for you to enjoy today. But, perhaps, more importantly, your memories are there for you to share in the future. Your memories passed down and told through generations, and become part of the legacy you create.

That’s why we will collaborate to create a beautiful heirloom together, whether it be a framed print to display on your wall, walnut folio box, or coffee table book that you can glance through every day. Printed photographs are the best way to tell your story, and the only way for your images to stand out in the sea of digital noise and split-second insta-photos.

Of course, every image you purchase is given to you digitally as well.