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Family Portrait Photographer that comes to Your Home

Capture Lasting Memories with the Family Portrait Photographer who Creates Beautiful Family Portraits in Your Home.

professional family portrait photographer

Portrait Photographer

People love family portraits because of the memories that they give to them. Every portrait you see on this website was taken to capture a memory that will last for generations to come.

“I am so glad I had that family portrait done.

It makes me smile every time I pass it.”

Mobile phones make capturing moments so easy, but then the moment is gone and the picture is forgotten, lost among all the other images. Or we add a cute filter: big eyes, perfect skin, cat ears and a bunny nose; and our true self is lost.

“Having found a shoe box of old photos in the loft,

I love looking at my grandparents, aunties and uncles.”

Studio Family Portrait Photographer In Your Home

What is a Real Family Portrait?

A ‘real’ family portrait is one that captures the character of each person as well as a flattering likeness.

“My Dad has gone now, but when I look at his portrait it feels like he is still with me.”

One of the greatest things about being a family portrait photographer is capturing those images for my clients, editing them in my signature painterly style, and then creating beautiful fine art prints and wall art.

A family portrait that is designed to last for more than a lifetime, to become an heirloom for your children, and their children to come.

“There were a lot of 'aaaaahs and ooooohs’. We are very happy with
them and they give a lovely collection of memories that
we will be able to share for years to come."

Studio Style Portraits In Your Home

Family Portrait Specialist

"I hate getting my photo taken".

Does that sound familiar?

When I first meet new clients the conversation quite often starts with “I don't look good in photos". We are all so aware of our own faults - we forget other people don’t see us in the same way - what I see is a beautiful person and I want to convey that beauty through your portrait.

“The photos are so beautiful. Thank you so much. They turned out better than I imagined and you captured exactly what I wanted.” Rebekah Walters

I take care to help you relax in front of the camera so that the real you can shine through. Your portrait photography is not just about taking a picture of what you look like, it is also about capturing who you are.

"Wow!!! He is one of the most talented, professional and creative photographers… He is also extremely kind and was very easy to get along with!...Thank you so much again, Peter is highly recommended by me! :) x" Princess TW

Somerset Portrait PhotographyPortrait Photographer Manchester

Family Photo Shoot At Your Location

Families book me to create beautiful portrait photography in the comfort and convenience of their own home. We work around your schedule, at your speed, enabling me to produce irresistible images that will last a lifetime.

Studio Portraits In Your Own Home

Being at home for your portrait photography is a huge advantage when it comes to your children; everything is a lot more relaxed. We are able to include favourite toys, get changed into a range of outfits, include family pets, and have breaks. At a studio you would not naturally think of a young girl with her rabbit, or an enthusiastic boy showing off his Lego creations. We can play with bubbles, eat cookies and even have some singing!

Children Photographer

"Could not recommend Peter more he took these beautiful photos of my daughter in our home making her feel a bigger diva than she already is...He was absolutely brilliant [my daughter] felt like a superstar and was at ease for the whole thing. Would 100% recommend Peter" Gemma Ward

Portrait StudioDerby Portrait Photographer

Your Portrait Photographer Experience

I like to meet families before I start taking photos so I always have a consultation visit first. This gives us the opportunity to get to know each other, and for us to discuss the family memories you are hoping to capture.

This first meeting is without charge. You can go on to book your photoshoot or decide to leave it - there is no obligation.

Derbyshire Portrait Photography

"I really love the pictures, thank you!" Bethany-May Smith

Your portrait session takes place at your convenience. Having booked the date, the times are down to you. I limit my bookings to a maximum of one family portrait session per day.

We can use as much or as little of the day as we need. I’m not going to keep you any longer than you need to be (I know you’re busy), but we also don’t need to rush your portrait session because someone else is booked in straight after you.

Huddersfield Portrait PhotographerChild Portrait Photographer

Once your portraits are taken I work on each one individually to give them the painterly look I am known for. When all of your portraits are finished I come back to your home to show you your portraits and for you to order any prints and products that you would like.

"Peter took the time to help me find my confidence again in front of the camera. I have now received my portraits… and I'm simply blown away by them. I love them so much" Emily Turrini

Portrait Photography Oxford

Quality over Quantity, Every Time

As your portrait photographer I'll be coaching you throughout the session on everything you need to know. Expression, angles, positioning, hair, all of the stuff which you don't need to worry about. The aim of the session is not to just get some photos, but to capture beautiful memories and I’ll spend as little or as long as is needed in order to get them. I love shooting portraits, so I'm in no rush to finish our shoot.

Each person gets a little instruction on how to look great in front of the camera for their face shape and body type. We might get there quickly, which is great, or it might take a little longer to get there, but that's fine too, because we're not clock watching. So either way, we've still got plenty of time to do all of those outfit changes, portrait combinations etc.

Portrait Photographer At Home

"Peter photographed my 10 year old daughter to build her portfolio for modelling/acting. The knowledge that Peter shared with [her] about getting the right pose for different pictures, was absolutely incredible. I know [she] will use the information Peter gave throughout her career. We were so pleased with the pictures and the time spent on them. We can’t thank Peter enough. I would highly recommend this professional photographer to anyone." Leanne Peat

Nottingham Portrait PhotographerAlfreton Portrait PhotographerPortrait Photographer Nottingham In Your Home

Family Photographs - Portrait Session Price

Your Portrait Photography sitting fee is £125. This covers all of your photoshoot as well as the editing and production of your final portraits.

Your portrait photography session is at your home (or favourite location). All travel is included within Mainland UK. There is no time limit on your portrait photography session and you can have unlimited outfit changes.

This is a Five Star Experience designed to capture beautiful memories for you to treasure forever.

Please Note:

  • All prints and products are additional to your sitting fee
  • There is no hard sell
  • You only buy the images that take your breath away

"[I] had a great photo shoot for my two boys with Peter…He worked brilliantly with the boys and even got them to sit still!! He gave them time and made them laugh. A thoroughly good experience with Fantastic photos as a result. Would recommend his services to everyone!" Jane Willmott

Nottingham Portrait Photography

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