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The Portrait For People Who Don't Like Being Photographed

Don't like having your photo taken?

I know a little about how you feel. You want some way of remembering how good you look and feel right now. You want a portrait to remember your family as they are today. But life is hectic. You are concerned that you will look less in print than you feel in reality. You do not have the time to shop around and going to a studio, out of your comfort zone, does not thrill you.

I have helped so many clients to not only look amazing but feel amazing too. Yes, they have cried - but with the emotional release when they see themselves in print. Maybe for the first time...looking beautiful. There are more tears when they see the rest of the family looking happy, relaxed and, well, amazing too.

Meet Victoria

Victoria is a successful business woman. She is at the top of her game - business is good, the family are growing up fast and hubby is so kind and caring.

But Victoria has a hidden problem.

Victoria is convinced that she does not look good in photographs and she never will. In every family holiday or trip, Victoria makes sure she takes the photo so that she is not in the photo. Although Victoria wants a lovely family portrait for her home she believes that the hassle of getting dressed up, going to a studio, and 'performing' is too much for her at the moment, and will only lead to disappointment. It will reinforce her low view of herself in photos.

Do you feel like Victoria?

The truth is that everyone can feel good about how they look in a photograph. The skill and expertise of a professional photographer makes all the difference. Most of my clients do not like having their photo taken - some really do not like it. But they know that avoiding the camera leaves their family with no portraits, or portraits without Mum or Dad. Children who grow up with nothing to remind them of their parents when they were at their best. Nothing for future generations to look at and get to know.

I specialise in helping and supporting people who are just like Victoria to get great portraits. Not only that I teach you how to stand or sit so that you look good in photographs in the future.

professional portrait photography promise

I help people just like you create precious memories. In our session we talk about how you can look your best and how you can be a portrait superstar !

"I want to remember just how good I look and feel at this moment."

Portrait street artCelebrate your portrait anyway you like!

Portrait photography gives lasting benefits

  • Experience a boost of self-confidence and self-empowerment
  • Receive beautiful portraits that show you off to your best
  • Present your portraits in your home and share with your family and friends online
  • Create an heirloom for those you love
  • Realise that you can be part of family photographs with confidence

“…here is the new look Editors Message page! It has taken me many years…9 specifically…to be able to even contemplate including my actual picture on the front page! This is for two reasons: I hate having my picture taken [and] the last photographer who took corporate photo’s for me said - and I quote “you aren’t bad looking in real life but something weird happens to you when put in front of a camera” - [my] Confidence shot. This all happened before I met Peter Nutkins! He said that he’d be able to capture me as everyone sees me and what’s more, I won’t hate the results! I have to say, Peter truly is fantastic at making people feel comfortable and the other team members felt the same way. I just wanted to share with you all how great Peter is. I honestly can’t speak highly enough of Peter and you’d be hard pressed to find a better photographer"

Emily Carrington-Morris, Editor of Voice Magazines

Imagine how you will feel a year from now...after your portrait

Looking back through your portraits you remember the fun you had during your shoot. The excitement you felt as you opened your folio box and saw that portrait of you for the first time. Wow - you were amazing! You did not realise just how good you look to everyone else.

Since then things have just not been the same...

You have been more confident. You have been more assured. Your motivation has been at an all-time high! So many of your friends have seen your portrait. You are excited that your children and grandchildren will see you looking this good. What will they say?

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Imagine how you will feel a year from now...and still no portrait

You thought about it but never got around to contacting Peter. You left it and now the children are that much bigger - your family have moved on. Chances are that you will never get around to you continue to avoid family portraits. Your loved ones will never get to enjoy memories of you with them in a photograph. Looking back you will forget how you looked - and in years to come your family will really miss you in their memories.

When we look through real photographs we remember emotions, sounds, smells and of course the look of people. Relying on digital images alone is a risk. Whatever happened to floppy disks? MiniDiscs? They were meant to last forever! There is a difference between a mobile phone snap and a professional fine art portrait.

Yes - I Want A Free Consultation Peter!

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"I want my children and grandchildren to remember me how I am right now."