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Website Photography Bromley House Library NottinghamExample of image used on Bromley House Library Website

Just about every organisation, large or small, today needs a website. It has become an essential part of doing business in our technological age.

Website Photography

People firstly take in images first then the text. So consider when your visitors land at your website, what is the impression that is given?

You can raise the effectiveness of your website by ensuring that the images used are engaging.

So what makes an image engaging?

Think first about what engages your audience. This will be very different for depending on your website. A simple way to do this is to decide why someone would visit your website…what is the question that you are going to answer? Understanding this is the key to getting great images - it is worth spending time and effort getting it right.

Avoid using generalised images or stock photographs. Ten years ago stock photographs were all the rage until marketing gurus found out that people basically ignore them. People buy from people - so your visitors want to see the real you, regardless if you are selling, providing a service, or even a charity. Being able to see the real receptionist in your reception area means so much more than the generic happy looking model smiling as she answers the phone!

Having a professional photographer capture your website images may seem like an expense - but it is so much more effectual than stock or using your iPhone.

The advantage in having a portrait photographer capture your images is that your employees will look amazing - and that means your company profile shoots up in the eye of the visitor. Would you like to work with or buy from a company where the employees look genuinely happy and relaxed and welcoming?

What do I offer?

The process of creating great website images is to get me involved as soon as possible - it does not cost any more but getting another creative mind on the job is always an advantage.

Butterley Signal BoxMidlands Railway Butterley

While I am with you it is wise to think about any other images that you may need. For example, LinkedIn profiles for all of your employees, a library of your own in-house stock photos for reports and articles in the future. In this way, you will have a bank of digital images to draw on for years to come.

I work with my clients to create the images that will work best, and I also work with your website developer to provide your images with the right size, crop, resolution, colour space etc. You do not have to worry about the nitty gritty - your web developer and I sort that out between ourselves.

Your images are created at your location, or in a local studio space if needed, edited and finalised for you to view. I come to you and work around you. Business needs to keep running and I will make the minimum of impact.

Quite often employees are nervous about having their photograph taken - I am happy to work with your staff either beforehand, on the day or even as we are taking the images to build their self-confidence in front of the camera. In the majority of cases, the first few people who have had their photo taken are beaming and so happy with what has been captured that they tell everyone else anyway!

Final edits are then available to you and your developer via an online gallery. Because I have created the images to the specifications of the developer they just drop straight into your new website. You also will have full resolution copies for future projects and print versions for any brochures or reports that you may need.

Case study: Bromley House Library, Nottingham

Every project is unique so get in touch today to discuss how your website can have an image refresh!

I have captured the images for a wide range of clients from across the UK, producing web and print images for clients as varied as The Institute of Directors, English Heritage, SarcoidosisUK, NSEAD, David Lloyd Gyms, Bromley House Library, Voice Magazines, and DSDN Consulting. An international award-winning photographer, my work is widely celebrated as creative and brand enhancing and creating 'big impact'.