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Firstly, our congratulations to you both! You are the stars of your wedding day. You will want to remember the beauty in every part of your wedding, from the early parts of the day as you get ready, to the pageantry of your ceremony, and into the energy and excitement of your reception. You will want the emotion and excitement captured as you and your family and friends come together for this celebration. You will want permanent memories of the romance, sincerity, intimacy and closeness of your special day. These are moments you and your loved ones will enjoy for years to come.

Wedding Photography designed for you

Our approach to photographing your wedding is simple. It is based on the fact that there are moments in life that define you. Moments that change the course of your future forever. These moments are the milestones in your life. They are moments to stop and enjoy. Moments to capture and remember again and again. When we photograph your wedding, the visual experiences that we will capture bring back your memories of the first day of the rest of your lives together. The first of what will be many moments of joy and happiness together.

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Imagine hearing a song from your teenage years, and how it might bring you back to that time of your life. It would remind you of all the people that were in your life and the things you had going on.

An image has that same magic.

An image is a window into the past. An opportunity to re-live a moment and experience the feelings you had when the image was created.

Sure, you need a wedding photographer. But you want more than just pictures. You don’t want only to remember the facts; you want to recall the feelings you had on your wedding day. You want to remember the emotions. You want to see the invisible. You want to be able to re-experience those fleeting moments that will otherwise flicker away, almost unknowingly.

You have so much to celebrate, and you deserve to have your story told.

Let me tell you why I might be the right person to help you with that.

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Your Guide

I'm Peter Nutkins, a fine art wedding and portrait photographer. Today I live in rural Derbyshire but I was brought up, worked and am regularly in and about Somerset with my family. Now I travel to every part of the UK creating lasting memories for couples just like you.

I’d love to be your guide in helping you tell your wedding story. It would be my honour for you to have me a part of your day

If we have the opportunity to work together, here’s my promise to you:

  1. I am here for you. I’ll be your guide and help you tell your story; the moments that matter to you.
  2. I will always extract the positive in your story; the joy, happiness, and delight.
  3. You will always walk away from your wedding photography with a beautiful heirloom wedding album.
  4. I will focus on the people, relationships and moments on your wedding day. Yes, details will be documented, but not at the expense of your story.
  5. You are my number 1; I collaborate with (and work for) you. Not a magazine, not your other vendors, or anyone else.
  6. 'All Day' really does mean all day. From bridal breakfast to the very last dance.
  7. Your wedding photography is all about you, not me.

“You want more than just pictures. You want to remember the feelings you had on your wedding day”

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Your Legacy

Your memories are there for you to enjoy today. But, perhaps, more importantly, your memories are there for you to share in the future. Your memories passed down and told through generations, and become part of the legacy you create.

That’s why we will collaborate to create a beautiful heirloom wedding album together; it’s the best way to tell your story, and the only way for your images to stand out in the sea of digital noise and split-second insta-photos.

Wedding albums you just fall in love with. Your wedding story will be creatively retold in a beautiful leather album. We believe that your album has to be amazing, make your jaw drop open and your eyes fill with tears! It will be a family heirloom for generations.

Framed feature photograph. You will want a reminder of your special day out on show, so that you can feel that little thrill every time you walk past it as you go about your day to day.

In addition to the above, you also receive an online gallery of your photographs, so you can share your love for each other on Facebook and Instagram.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

Vicki Corona