Luxury Home Decor Wall Art

Make your house a home by centering your home decor around a stunning focal point. We create luxury wall art that gives you a new view in your living room, bedroom or even your office. 

My name is Peter Nutkins and I am an international award winning landscape photographer who creates stunning large format, museum quality works of art. You can add some WOW to your room and enjoy the beauty of creation by decorating your home or office walls with exquisite fine art prints. You can find out more about the specific wall decor and design products that we create here.




Living Room Ideas

Scientists have known for decades that viewing works of art affects your brain. Studies have shown that just viewing art for a few minutes can:

  • decrease stress levels
  • increase empathy
  • encourage your brain to release dopamine, the chemical of pleasure
  • strengthen critical thinking in children
  • relieve mental exhaustion and restore focus

Living Room ideas #1: You can bring the benefits of that brain research right into your home and at the same time take advantage of the number one rule of home decor interior design: create a focal point.

Room ideas #2: A large piece of art has a very different impact than the small images we see on our phones and computers. It gives a similar impact to when we are in the great outdoors and we come across a sweeping vista of a valley or mountains, or a sunset over the sea. 

Design in the Details

When I create a piece of art for your wall I am capturing more than just a nice picture that adds to your home decor. You will find a story in each image. There are characters and interest that you will find as you view the art work.

The big story might be the shaft of sunlight illuminating the scene in a beautiful and awe-inspiring way. At first you may not notice the squirrel sitting and watching under the tree, the hiker taking a rest on the rocks, or the rook watching from the peak as the clouds gather ominously in the sky. 

It can take 4 or 5 hours to capture all of the details that will go into the final piece that you see. Waiting for the shaft of light, the wildlife to appear, the clouds to move and so on. Back at home I then put all of these design elements together like a jigsaw to create your wall decor.

Thank you for your interest in my work. Please browse my gallery site and enjoy.