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Event Photography Oxford

This image is one of many event photos taken at the Annual Conference for the NSEAD in Oxford.


The National Society for Education in Art and Design, NSEAD, has a major role in promoting the issues and concerns of the art and design education sector. The organisation, which was founded in 1888, also celebrates the work and success of the sector at a national level.

The two day conference in Oxford was well attended and ranged across a series of topics from policy making to the nature of art and design education itself.

Dr Henry Ward (pictured) spoke with great passion on day one of the at the annual conference. Through the podium images I capture I hope to transmit some of the emotion and energy of the event and speaker at the time.

The society provides a real forum for teachers and those interested in education to influence policy at the highest levels. The first day of the conference was held in the Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford.

When capturing event photography, especially when photographing a speaker at the podium, it is important to learn the pace of the speaker. After watching for a few moments I learn the body language and rhythm that the speak has so that hand gestures and eye contact can be captured. This makes for an engaging podium photo.

Coping With Different Lighting During Events

One of the greatest difficulties I face is coping with the lighting conditions. I do not often use flash, otherwise it would distract from the speaker, and the ambient light is usually a mixed bag of colours.

In this image you can see a slight green cast on Dr Ward’s shirt from the projector, but the actual room was very dark and very very yellow!

If you are holding an event and wish to get maximise your visual impact with professional photography then please get in touch.

Location: Pitt Rivers Museum, Parks Rd, Oxford OX1 3PW.

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