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Headshot Photographer London

I am a Professional Headshot Photographer dedicated to getting you the perfect image for your business or professional life.

Headshot Photographer

To make your Headshot as simple as possible for you I come to your location. This could be your workplace, home or other location. Being both relaxed and comfortable in your surroundings we work together to attain the best possible image for you.

During your headshot session we will view and discuss the shots as we go along. I shoot both indoor and outdoor using natural light and studio light in both colour and B&W. You are welcome to bring a variety of tops to create different looks.

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What areas do I cover?

The UK. Travel within the UK is included in the price.

Do I use Photoshop?

Retouching (or Photoshopping) has gained a lot of bad press in recent years and quite rightly so. Some fashion magazines distort figures, airbrush skin and create hyper-real images that are more to do with selling products than expressing somebody’s likeness.

Retouching really is a fantastic process for headshots as it really focuses on removing any distractions from an image and allowing more attention to be drawn to the eyes rather than a crease in a jacket for example. This is where the removing flyaway hairs, blemishes, balancing uneven skin tone, brightening and darkening certain areas, altering the colour of clothing etc takes place.

Peter Nutkins is a full time professional portrait and wedding photographer.

Telephone: 01773 432 007

Email: peter@peternutkins.com

Serving the UK

Location: London, 116 Pall Mall.