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Preparing For Your Headshot

Congratulations on booking your photography with me, Peter Nutkins. Please find below some guidance on how to prepare for your upcoming shoot. Of course, should you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact.

My #1 Tip

Sleep & Hydrate. Forget going on an air-only diet, or running a marathon-a-day for 3 days prior to your session. You will look your very best if you are rested, hydrated and relaxed. Get a good night's sleep and drink plenty of water. This will clear up your skin, add brightness to your eyes, and generally open up your face.

Stop Worrying about spots, wrinkles, and blemishes

When I am taking your photo you will notice that the light I use is very soft. This is the most flattering way to minimise shadows, and combined with the lens that I use will produce a lovely photo of you.

After I have taken your photo I will lightly edit your skin to remove temporary blemishes and even up your skin tone. This process is done by hand and is individual to you (not like a mobile phone 'filter').


Men - if you are thinking of having your hair cut the day before your session, please think again. Give a fresh haircut at least 48 hours to settle in.


Men - if you normally have a clean shaven face than a fresh shave the morning of your session is best. If your session is in the afternoon please consider shaving at lunchtime.


If you normally wear eye glasses then please wear them for your photoshoot. You want your image to be recognisable as you.


Ladies - less is best with make-up, it is easier to add makeup than take it away. So it is best to start somewhere on the left of the image below and we can work up if you want more. Have your makeup kit with you so that you can add/touch up as you need.

Makeup Levels example imageStart your make-up on the left - you can always add more if you want during your session

Shimmer and Shine is great for young skin.

For those with a little more life experience matte makeup is more flattering.


Having a white or grey background means that your clothing can be whatever you like that makes you feel great. I suggest keeping clothing simple. Avoid fluorescents as they reflect onto your skin, and zigzag sweaters.

Men - if you wear a suit and tie to work then you should wear your suit and tie. A white shirt is fine (even with a white background) although a coloured shirt also works well. The knot of your tie should be straight.

Women - wear what you feel the best in (that is appropriate for work). If you are unsure we can try some different looks so have a change of clothes.

If you are really stuck (or are just interested in colours that match your skin tone) then you can download my guide to matching colour to your skin tone.

Looking Your Best - Undertones.pdf

Your Image During Your Session

I may show you images as we go during your headshot session to help you get the best expression, and even choose which shot you like the best. Please note that I set up my display in a very different way than you will have for your final image. I will explain on the day, but I set my screen to help me shape shadows to make your final image the most flattering.

When you are viewing your images during your session the most important aspect to focus on is your expression.

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