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Top Wedding Photographer Berkshire

In this wedding photograph, you can see images from the wedding ceremony itself.

The ceremony was held outdoors in a large marquee in the grounds of a stately home which provided a delightful backdrop to this beautiful Berkshire wedding.

Wedding ceremony photographs

In these wedding album photos, you can see some of the memorable points within the service. The guest singer, the bridesmaid who did a Bible reading and the minister, who happened to be the stepfather of the bride!

These images will stand the test of time in their album and remind the happy couple in years to come of the highlights of their wedding day.

I am a wedding photographer who combines making photographs (kindly directing people to create images that will stand the test of time) and taking photographs (images that demonstrate the natural love and joy on the day).

If you are getting married and are looking for a Wedding Photographer then just get in contact with me today to find out more about the wedding services I offer.

This image is a spread from a real wedding album. I have included the album layout so that you can see the kind of final album will hold your memories of your special day.

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Location: Slough, Berkshire.