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Portrait Photographer At Your Home

With me, creating your portrait is so simple...I am the portrait photographer near you - so near I come to your home!

"I want to look and feel beautiful."

Your Portrait Photography Experience

Every portrait photograph that you see in these web pages has been photographed in a home or at a favourite place. You can see more examples of real client portrait photography in my Portrait Photography Gallery.

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During your portrait session, you will be taken through every step to capture each of you at your best. You are shown how to relax in front of the camera, and we will capture the real beauty within you all. You can relax knowing that the children are safe in their own space. They can come and go as needed and have easy access to their own toys, snacks, games and clothes.

A few days after your session I return to your home with your portrait prints. The best portraits from your photoshoot will have been prepared - all fully edited, finished, printed and matted. There will be no ‘hard sell’ involved whatsoever. You just choose which photos that you love and want to keep in your beautifully crafted folio box.

"From my initial contact through to enjoying my final products my portrait experience felt personal to me. Being in my own home my session was relaxed, friendly and professional. Every step of the way was made clear by Peter who was on hand to support me. Peter brought my portraits ready to keep there and then!"

My Promise To You:

* I will go at your pace during your session and build your confidence - it will also be fun!

* You will love your portraits and want to show them off

* No pressure on you to buy anything extra at the viewing, just buy what you love

I help people just like you create precious memories through. Portrait photography of you and your loved ones that demonstrates just how beautiful you and they really are.

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Portrait photography gives lasting benefits

"I want to remember just how good I look and feel at this moment."

  • Experience a boost of self-confidence and self-empowerment
  • Receive beautiful portraits that show you off to your best
  • Present your portraits in your home and share with your family and friends online
  • Create an heirloom for those you love
  • Realise that you can be part of family photographs with confidence

Specialist Family Portrait Photographer

3 steps to create your beautiful Portraits:

Schedule a free consultation with Peter to talk through what you are looking for, any concerns you have, and discuss what can be achieved in your home.
Enjoy a relaxed portrait sitting in your own home
Display your portraits around your home and celebrate you and your family for years to come

"I want my children and grandchildren to remember me how I am right now."

Portrait Photographer near me?

Are you looking for a portrait photographer near me?

Then I really am the portrait photographer near to you ...I come to your home! I am a Derbyshire portrait photographer near to everyone...I travel accross the UK to people's homes to capture their portrait.

Don't like having your photo taken?

I know how you feel. You are searching for some way of remembering the important people in your life right now. You want a portrait experience that helps you to remember your family as they are today. But you are concerned that you will look less in print than you feel in reality. But life is hectic. You do not have the time to shop around and going to a studio, out of your comfort zone, does not thrill you.

So many of my clients have been helped to not only look amazing but feel amazing too. Yes, they have cried - but with the emotional release when they see themselves in print. Maybe for the first time...looking beautiful. There are more tears when they see the rest of the family looking happy, relaxed and, well, amazing too.

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Book your free consultation with Peter now

Free portrait consultation

When I first meet up with a new client it gives me the opportunity to find out all about them and exactly what they are looking for in their portraits. I also take note of the surroundings and quickly look at how creative we can be in the space that they have.

Most of my clients are looking for beautiful family portraits, individual portraits of each member of the family as well as a group photograph. Usually at least one member of the family is also requiring some business imagery (personal branding for example). Once the memories have been captured and the portraits printed as fine art pieces the family can choose which of the portraits they would like to keep in their walnut portfolio box. Often multiple copies of the main portrait are often given to grandparents or other relatives.

Once you have booked your portrait photoshoot you will be given an online portal. This is like a mini website all of its own where everything connected with your portraits is connected. You will find your galleries, invoices, contracts, design proofs and other documents easy to hand. You will also have all of the information about your portrait session.

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What do you wear for a portrait session?

The most important thing is to relax and enjoy having your photo taken! Easier said than done as most people do not like being in front of the camera. So here are a few tips I give to my clients before their portrait session. I hope these answers help you feel a little more relaxed before your portrait shoot.

When we look at photographs, our eyes tend to go to the lightest and sharpest part of the image first. For your portrait we want your face to be lit well and in focus! In addition, what we wear can distract from our faces. Really bright colours not only draw our attention away, but they can also reflect unnatural hues onto our skin.

The best clothes are the ones you feel the best in.

If you think that you look really good in that cocktail dress then wear it. If those tweed trousers make you feel a million dollars then wear them.

But try to avoid:

  • Trends that will date your photograph in six months (although it probably will be popular again in 20 years time)
  • High contrast blouses or shirts
  • Oversized jumpers to ‘hide your figure’
  • Clothing with pictures, writing or large logos unless the pictures, writing or large logos relate specifically to the photos. In other words, no Carlsberg tee shirts unless this photo is for a magazine story about binge drinking; no Disney shirts unless this family portrait is in front of Cinderella Castle.
  • Loud colours, busy patterns, bold stripes, big checks, polka dots, tank tops, and clothes that are baggy–or too tight–all call attention to the clothes, not the wearer.
  • Neon-coloured clothing is popular right now, especially in children’s clothes and shoes. Avoid neon if at all possible. It often prints an odd shade and reflects onto skin very easily.
  • The basic rule is that attention is on you, not your clothes. Obviously, if you are doing a fashion shoot then the opposite is true!

The best advice is SHE: Sleep, Hydrate, Enjoy!