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Portrait Photographer Near Me Derby

Portrait photographer near me Derby

I am Peter Nutkins, the specialist family portrait photographer who comes to your home to capture studio style portraits. No need to travel - it is so simple when I come to you.

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Headshot photograph of a young lady with long blonde hair.

Getting a portrait taken can be so difficult. There is the stress of getting out and ready and coping with the rest of the family as you bundle them into the car. Then there is the worry that the children will get bored, you will have to cope with a new situation and what if it all goes wrong?

On top of this there you can hear that voice in your head that never lets you forget you're too fat, too old, not this, not that. That you're not enough. That you're not worth it. Then there is the pressure of everything else in your life. It feels like there is no time. Getting the family ready and out on time and all looking their best feels one step too far.

With me, things are so different. Your portrait session is so simple...I come to you.

Because we are in your space you feel so much more comfortable. I am a visitor, not you. This is especially effective when children are taking part in your photoshoot. They can come and go as needed and have easy access to their own toys, snacks, games and clothes. You can imagine that this reduces the stress on you considerably and that means that your portrait will be better too.

Yet another advantage of being in your home is those things that really mean something to you and your family are easily to hand. To give you an example, one of our boys loved a little toy rabbit. It went everywhere with him. If we forgot it and left it at home then he behaved in a very different way! Being at home means rabbit, or a favourite bedtime book, or blanket are within easy reach. Imagine being able to look back in years to come and remember all of the stories that surround your loved ones and their favourite things.

Being able to change clothes easily is also very handy when it comes to teenagers who want a different look. First, they can have their portrait taken in the clothes and style that you want. Then they can express their individuality in their own mini session too. Imagine them being able to have the portrait that they want and how good it will make them feel. And, you get the portrait you want too!

Are you interested?

If you are thinking about having your portrait taken and are still not sure whether it is for you or not, then take a moment or two to read through the some of the pages on this site:

Location: Staffordshire.