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Portrait Gallery of Family Photography

This portrait gallery contains photographs of families, individuals and children that show you the kind of work that I create in homes throughout the UK.

I am a portrait photographer that comes to your home to capture memories of you and your loved ones. All of the photos in this gallery were taken in living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, gardens and even hallways in homes and on location.

I add to this portrait gallery often, so check back and see when new images are added.

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Portrait Gallery

Derbyshire Portrait Photographer

This simple but beautiful portrait photograph was captured in the kitchen of a normal family home.

The Home Kitchen Studio

This young lady was treated to a relaxed and pressure free photoshoot in her kitchen at home! It may look like this photo was taken in a studio but it was not. The room was the biggest free space in the home and so we converted it into a mobile studio for a couple of hours.

Being at home everything was a lot more relaxed. We even were able to include favourite toys. Getting changed into a range of outfits was also a breeze as Mum was on hand to shuttle between her bedroom and the kitchen.

"Could not recommend Peter more he took these beautiful photos of my daughter in our home making her feel a bigger diva than she already is...He was absolutely brilliant [my daughter] felt like a superstar and was at ease for the whole thing. Would 100% recommend Peter"

You can find this image in my portrait gallery.

Location: Ilkeston.

1/400; f/2.8; ISO 100; 48.0 mm.