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Family PhotographyOwning an heirloom portrait is something very special. It will become a priceless treasure to you, your children, and your future grandchildren.

Your Child's Heirloom Fine Art Portrait

A beautiful fine art portrait of your son or daughter on display in your home is a real statement about what you care about. It is a daily blessing to you, and a boost of confidence to them.

Why you need a child portrait

We take photos of our children all the time. Instagram, Facebook, Email - there are more photos being taken every day than were taken every year when you and I were children! So why a child portrait?

Your heirloom fine art portrait is something quite different.

An heirloom portrait is an investment in your memories.

When your children have grown up it will bring back all the memories of when they were young. You may want to feature a specific part of their childhood - that special dress they loved so much, the teddy that went everywhere with them, their favourite book or toy. Your portrait is not just a picture - it is specifically designed to capture memories.

An heirloom portrait grows in value

With each generation your portrait will grow in value. Imagine your grandchildren giggling or staring in awe as they look at their mummy or daddy when they were young? What stories will be told? Now imagine further still, when their children have the same experience a generation later! What an amazing way to enthral generations of your family!

An heirloom portrait is an investment for the long term

Your framed portrait is a visual piece of art. It is made to be seen. It deserves to be appreciated on a daily basis. Unlike a digital image that comes and goes so quickly, your portrait is printed on 100% cotton rag, framed by hand and is protected by reflection free 'art glass'. Your framed portrait is so much more than just a digital file. Do you look at the photos on your floppy disks? What about Minidiscs? Technology comes and goes. Your framed portrait lasts a lifetime - and beyond!

An heirloom portrait is not just for you

I have so many clients that tell me that they do not like having their photo taken. In the past they have been told they look ugly, or are not photogenic; they are overly self-conscious about their nose, or chin, or teeth. My portrait sessions with adults can be quite emotional as I help them overcome these fears, and they see how beautiful they really are! What if your son or daughter grew up knowing that they are beautiful? When they look at their portrait they say 'Wow. I really was beautiful...and happy. Look at my eyes and that smile!' What if that fear then stops their family having pictures? You are already planning for the question 'What did you look like at my age Mummy?'

My secret behind capturing the character of your son or daughter

My secret is that I capture interactions, not photos; personality, not formality. I spend time getting to know your son or daughter, interacting, listening and making them feel special. The camera is my way of recording the interactions we have, and this results in natural, characterful, powerful portraits.

I know my secret works thanks to the number of parents who cry when they see their portraits for the first time. They are looking at a photo of their son or daughter and they can see the real them. It is more than a likeness.

My straightforward approach

We have four children. I know that going anywhere with children can be stressful. Children + you being stressed = bad portraits. So I make it easier - I come to you.

  • Your child is at home - so they have access to all of their toys, clothes, books etc. This is great as we are creating memories - so we want some of their stuff in their portrait.
  • Your child is at home - so they can have a break if they need it
  • You are at home - so you are more relaxed, so your child is more relaxed, and capturing a natural portrait is that much easier
  • You are at home - so no packing up the car, finding parking, dealing with restless siblings, panicking because you have forgotten the ribbons for the get the idea!
  • There is no time constraint, no limit to the number of changes of clothes
  • Your portrait session is fun, not fraught

3 steps to create your beautiful Portraits:


Schedule a free consultation with Peter to talk through what you are looking for, any concerns you have, and discuss what can be achieved in your home.


Enjoy a relaxed portrait sitting in your own home


Display your portraits around your home and celebrate you and your family for years to come

What do you actually get?

  1. Telephone consultation with me, Peter Nutkins, to find out a little more about you, your child and what you would like
  2. An online portal that keeps all of your information, contracts, galleries etc
  3. A portrait session in your home (or favourite location)
  4. Editing and preparation of your portraits for viewing, and your viewing and ordering appointment
  5. Your final portrait is fine art printed onto 100% cotton rag, stretched and then framed by hand. Frames are made of solid wood and are handmade specifically for your portrait. The only glass used is art glass which is reflection free.
  6. Delivery of your frame to your door

How much does this cost?

All of the above with:

  • Your framed 12x15 inch portrait (final size approx 18x21 inches) £495
  • Your framed 16x20 inch portrait (final size approx 25x27 inches) £695

A wide selection of frame styles are available and fall into three categories - narrow, medium and wide fitting. Mounts can be single, double, triple with options such as V grooves. Additional prints, frames and products available on request.

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